Easily manage your small transactions with our hosted (Cloud) solution. Automated processes fitted for your business by our experts. Transactions loaded to your accounts with mobile verification. Less paperwork, less IT worries, more efficiency. Easy. 

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Corporate & Government

Get the advantage with a powerful and user-friendly secure hosted expense management solution fitted to your processes. Supports compliance and effective management, with industry leading support from Inlogik. Popular with users and finance departments.

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Card Issuers

Tap into the latest technology hosted modular solution designed for you and your customers. Inlogik CMP integrates management reporting, expense management and card maintenance, with customisable processes and powerful graphic/reports showing what you want to see. 

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Learn the latest news, insights and trends in expense management. Discover how we have helped our clients achieve their goals. And find out what we can do for you.

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We are proud to sponsor CPI's 9th annual Global Commercial Cards and Payments Summit.


Mobile Solution

Say goodbye to paper receipts and enjoy faster, easier and smarter processing of expenses with our ExpenseMe mobile app. Receipt capture, verification and authorisation on the move.

Travel Solution

Travel budget planning and reconciliation in one place. A module helping you budget, authorise, generate booking requests and reduce surprises.