Cabcharge (Australia Only)

Is your organisation suffering from Cabcharge misuse? How do you know? Unless you take control, Cabcharges can quickly mount up to huge unnecessary costs – potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

ProMaster’s Cabcharge module allows you to easily reconcile Cabcharge etickets, cards and vouchers to gain better visibility and control of taxi travel.

One rapid process

Operating seamlessly within your ProMaster expense management system, the Cabcharge module allows you to follow one seamless process to reconcile taxi expenses.

Simply allocate the Cabcharge voucher to the cost centre and employee. Then, every statement period, the Cabcharge data feed is downloaded into ProMaster and automatically reconciles using the Cabcharge Voucher number, cost centres and passenger name. There’s no need to rekey in data and less risk of lost information.

Increase visibility. Cut Cabcharge misuse

ProMaster’s Cabcharge module allows you to generate a huge variety of reports to get better visibility and control of Cabcharge spend. You can monitor unused and acquitted vouchers, and create reports based on the voucher numbers, date issued, person issued to, value, cost centre code and much more.

By drilling down into how employees are using taxi services, you will reduce the risk of inappropriate and unapproved use of vouchers – potentially making huge savings across the organisation.

Discover how ProMaster’s Cabcharge module can help your organisation save on taxi expenses – Get in touch with our team today.