Expense Management

Take back control of your expenses with ProMaster, a powerful, scalable and user-friendly, online (Cloud) expense management system.

ProMaster is an expense management system with the power to change the way your organization works, but also to fit to your processes. Every feature is designed to help you administer and manage expenses with minimal effort and maximum visibility.



Standard product and configurable for what you need

ProMaster helps you efficiently keep track of virtually all the small transactions across your business – whatever its size. 

ProMaster can easily be configured to meet the requirements of the smaller to mid-size business, reducing the burden on management and users. Functions can be selected to fit with your need.

The Inlogik team will use their experience to work with you to obtain what you want. It’s never been easier to meet your organisation’s needs – now and into the future.

Powerful, Audit Ready, Easy to Use, Efficient.

Get Visibility at every level

Expense management can be tricky. With full visibility of employee spending ProMaster eliminates the complexities of expense management, so that you can enjoy deeper insights into what employees are spending every level of the organization. With the better tools for managing spending, you can concentrate more on your main aims.

Boost Efficiency

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets, paperwork and piles of receipts. ProMaster is an advanced paperless expense management system that makes it faster and easier to enter, review, approve, process, audit and reimburse expense claims.

Flexible and secure hosting

Our hosted (Cloud) solution means you get the maximum benefit from ProMaster. You won’t need to worry about investing in costly IT infrastructure, or the hassle and interruptions of ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Your data is secure. Both our hosting service and ProMaster product meet the stringent PCI DSS requirements and are audited regularly by security experts.

Get and expense management solution made to fit

Our difference is ProMaster is made to fit your requirements, both in product design and in our service of implementation and customisation. Inlogik’s professional consultants work closely with you to identify the solutions that meet the specific needs of your business from the many options built into ProMaster or customisation where required.

Not only does this mean your system is covered by our ongoing support, it also means you get the best long term value from your expense management system.

Corporate Cards

ProMaster and other Inlogik products support all expense management. Underlying this is a commitment to maximizing the value to you of different types of corporate cards, by simplifying and speeding up the process while still giving you the controls and visibility necessary to optimises spending.

As such ProMaster supports multiple card programs, including credit, debit, lodge and single use cards, as well as multiple issuers and multiple currencies.

Regional Complexities

Promaster also has solutions for regional or national specific issues. For example inbuilt rules simplify calculation and reporting of GST and FBT in Australia, such as offering default calculations for mixed client and employee entertainment.

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