A game-changer in card management technology

Inlogik CMP is a dynamic platform designed to let your customers manage their card programs on-the-go, at any time, without paper or delay.

With state of the art drag-and-drop reporting, customisable extracts and an audit history on card requests and authorisation, it’s a value-add for your customers, a process-automation tool for your operational staff and a configurable drill-down reporting tool for issuer-level, portfolio-level and customer-level spend analysis.

Mix & Match

Base level CMP functionality includes Card Requests and Reporting modules to allow you to:

  • Gain visibility of spend
  • Streamline onboarding of new customers
  • Automate manual card request processes
  • Go digital - no more paper forms
  • Compare customers and trends over time
  • Alert irregular or inappropriate spend
  • Keep an audit log of who approved or authorised a request

Or add in extra modules which include:


  • Apply GL Coding to transactions
  • Upload receipts against transactions
  • Basic workflow functionality for approval
  • Extract data to upload expenses into your finance system


  • Generate statements on demand
  • We build in your custom statement format with the relevant branch contact details

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