Streamline your expense processes

Move to an automated, paperless process and take away the hassle and headaches associated with expenses.

Let your employees take ownership and responsibility where they transact on behalf of the organisation, while you enjoy the assurance of full spend visibility and the ability to detect a breach in policy within days not months.

Electronic copies of receipts are tax compliant

Why not get rid of those filing cabinets and start using a system that better manages tax invoices?

Get audit-ready with a full history of exactly what happens to each transaction and expense claim.

Increase productivity

Tighten your expense policies

Be audit-ready and tax compliant

Let managers take ownership of budgets

Key functionality

  • Spend Visibility
  • Policy Alerts
  • E-receipts
  • Auto-allocate Tax
  • Split Transactions
  • Entertainment and Events
  • Proxy Users (EA user group)
  • Travel and Enhanced Data

  • Complex Approvals
  • Delegations Hierarchy
  • Audit History
  • Data and Receipt Storage
  • Card Reconciliation
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Exception Reporting
  • Key Reporting Widgets

Time for a Change

EMS is supposed to make your life easier. Does yours have these top 5 best practice functions?


Use enhanced data from your travel agent to auto-code and auto-process flight and hotel expenses.

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