The future of payments

Having a finger on the pulse in the Banking and FinTech sectors allows us to create and deploy new solutions that are cutting-edge and forward-thinking. Instead of looking at traditional Purchase Order processes, we focus on what’s coming next with Tier 3-4 supplier data, enhanced electronic receipting processes and trends in card use. Our continued sponsorship of CPI Global Summit and regional events, allows us to come together with other global players and discover what’s next.

Have you looked at virtual cards for tokenised payments? Imagine if your employees could request a payment token with a fixed dollar value, merchant and date range. This one-time-use pre-approved token could then be used to make the nominated payment.

Do you have a lodge card in place with your TMC? Reduce card-not-present fraud and automate your processes, with passenger and leg information flowing into the system alongside transactions. Plus, use data mapping to drive coding allocations.


Auto-attach functionality to assign receipts against transactions

Enhanced Travel Data

Data mapping and automatic allocation of coding for centralised travel

Approval Routing

Accommodate complex approval systems and delegation bands.

Budget Ownership and Accountability

But it’s not all about payments, it’s about the changing nature of business and emerging new hierarchy structures. It is increasingly important for Business Units to take ownership of their budgets and ensure compliance.

At Inlogik, we work across a range of industries including Government, Not for Profits, Corporates and Education. Across our clients, we respond to industry-specific and broader trends when we design new functionality and create enhancements in our product offering.


Allowances functionality has been custom built using standard rates to accommodate the requirements of a range of government clients.

Not for Profit

We are working with countless NfPs to find different ways to replace traditional Petty Cash management and gain control of spend.


Budget ownership and code-based approval functionality allow BU owners to track spend and approve anything that will hit their bottom line. Avoid the headaches at the end of the month where everyone’s saying “That’s not mine!”


From childcare to schools to universities, Inlogik offers solutions to support the growth of a card program and make it easy for educators to action their expenses on the go. This means they have more time to focus on caring/teaching/research.

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